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I like to paint belief.  I find what people have believed through history is facinating, especially the more unusual beliefs.  While people enjoy my work, it's a lot to ask of the general public to know what it all is, so this project not only allows me to combine all the things I enjoy doing into one project, it's an easy way to explain the stories behind the imagery.

I've worked as a professional artist for about thirty years, focusing mostly on tour posters and album covers.  I did get a gig for many years doing illustration for Paranoia Magazine, a conspiracy theory publication that introduced me to some astounding beliefs.  That really cultivated my interests in them, as well as my need to paint them.

I live in Ohio, where there are many cryptid legends, with my amazing wife and stepson and two potential cryptids, our cat, Panda, and our dog, Moxie.


To the left is my wonderful wife Beth Walters, who accompanies me on many of my adventures.  We try to plan a tour of cryptid museums and sites of interest once a year and hit as many things in the area as we can on available weekends.  Field trips are fun.

To the right is my friend and fellow troublemaker Jordan Chasteen.   No matter how odd the project, Jordan is always up for it.  Unlike myself, Jordan has had numerous and varied experiences, and, unlike many folks, doesn't cringe when I suggest a potentially unsavory adventure.

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